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14 Easy, Creative Dishes Using Summer Squash

Making Heads & Tails of the Squash Kingdom 6 Tricks toTake the Bland out of Summer Squash Zucchini Overload: how to turn over-abundance into advantage Zucchini Saute with 5 Variations Recipe List for Zucchini Buying The Best Storing For Flavor Prepping Tricks & Tips Cooking Basics Why We Love It The Green Kitchen Picky Eater Tips Money Saving Tricks News From The Farm #CookingClassPotatoSalad #Top10Questions In This Issue

Welcome to Summer Squash

<<This Month’s Vegetable

1.  It's Fast

2.  It's Versatile

Mild-tasting squash works with almost any flavor combination.  Add to practically any dish for an easy nutritional boost.   

3.  It’s Cheerful!

Add to a dish and get a delightful dash of yellow or green color.   

4.  It’s Cheap

Come mid-summer, prices tumble to reflect the practically endless supply of zucchini.

5.  It’s Super Easy to Grow  

For gardeners, it grows easily and in abundance–some would say in over-abundance, but check out Zucchini Overload:  How to Turn Overabundance into Advantage, plus all the delicious Recipes for Summer Squash and you’ll be glad for the abundance.

With so many good things to recommend it, the only question is: How can we take good advantage of this vegetable?  Here are answers to the 10 Top Questions About Summer Squash:

Top 10 Questions You’ve Been Dying to Ask About Summer Squash

1  Which Is Which? With so many different kinds of squash at the market, how do you know which one to buy?  Take a look at “Making Heads & Tails of the Squash Kingdom.”

2  How Do I Make It Taste Like Something?  A lot of people won’t buy summer squash because it’s always so blah-tasting.  Read, “6 Tricks to Take the Bland out of Summer Squash.

3  Do I Need to Peel Squash?  Take Out the Seeds?  Find out here.

4.  What Do I Do with (Yet Another) Zucchini?  Read “Zucchini Overload:  Turn Overabundance into Advantage,” for lots of quick ideas for using up too many zucchini.  

5  Can a Yellow Squash be Substituted for Zucchini?  What about a pattypan?  Or an 8-Ball? Click here to find out.  

6  What Can I Do with the Monster Squash My Neighbor Gave Me?  Stuff it!  Or find out how to prep and use it like any other squash.   

7  How Do I Julienne a Squash?  Or dice, cube or matchstick it?  There are so many fun ways to cut squash that enhance flavor and appearance.  See the step-by-step pictures.  

8  What If It Tastes Bad? Ever buy squash that is really bitter or harsh-tasting?  Learn why the Sliver Taste Test is so important.

9   Can Squash Be Eaten Raw?  Yes, but know these tricks.

10  I’m Tired of Plain Squash.  Is There Anything I Can Do Besides Fry It?  You bet there is!  Check out these other cooking techniques. . . and all these recipes!

Our Mission

To help integrate vegetables

into your life in fun delicious





Blossom . . .

as you connect to the wonderful world of vegetables.

Thanks for joining me this month.  Over the next few weeks, I hope you’ll gain a comfort level with squash so it becomes second nature to pop it into dishes and gain all the benefits of more vegetables!

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